INTCH, MultiCh., MultiBIS  Top Secret Grasant ''Twister''

... there is one thing I want to add - he is the greatest dog we ever had ...

Twister - the name which was spellt around the rings the last 7 years, both in breathtaking and hate, while he was taking BOB after BOB, BIS after BIS, winning groups, winning top titles.

He is a dog each breeder wish to have at least once in a lifetime ... and to the ones who believe in miracles, they come ... here is one of them, he is one of a kind, he is the famous Mr. Twister.

We tried some unforgotable moments together - in the rings and in privat life. He is a dog which must be always on the top - both as NR1 Miniature Schnauzer over all colors in Denmark as well as on top of sofa, garden table or pillows. He is as cute and funny dog as he is beautiful.

We are very happy to see his offsprings winning all over the world, many of them are already International champions, Champions of their countries and next generation after him is entering the rings.

Twister is a dog, which signed his name in the Miniature Schnauzer history. And we are just happy to enjoy his beauty each day.

Thank you, for all the fun we have with you. Thank you Anna Bielinska for him and thank you all the great judges which can see his beauty!

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