Oh, Rhett ... Kat's dream came true ...

We chosed Rhett boefore he was even born, we simple knew, there is a star waiting for us. And his amazing breeder Patti Henderson knew it too.

We came to USA in march 2016 to collect him, but when we met him personally, we saw this dog has incredible potential to reach the stars ... so we all decided, that ''Team Rhett'' will go on in America.

Thanks to a great handler Connie Krohn Rhett did unbelieveable show ride, finishing his championships like piece of cake. Leaving Canada as Nr. 2 mini schnauzer and grandchampion, hitting USA as BISS and Champion just at 5 shows ... what a dog ...

Rhett is still in USA by his breeder Patti Henderson - in Atlanta, Georgia. He will hopefully leave a few babies on american ground, so soon we will follow little Rhetts hitting the rings.

Rhett will come to Europe at beginning of 2017, as soon as he will be finished with all important titles in the USA.

Thank you all, who made all this possible!

AmCh CanCh GrandCh BISS

                                  ARISTOS' RHETT BUTLER  ''Rhett''