Meet ''Howie'' the Texan.

Our first meeting with Howie was, when we decided to use this beautiful dog for our litter. We went over to USA and used him on Ginger. We got a lovely litter, where Sniper and Raven are from. It was not only trip to USA, it also started a great friendship with Kim Griffin, kennel Daystar.

Howie simply stoled our hearts, his sweet, funny and self sure character, his beautiful head, topline and robust bone. He has all we want from an ideal miniature schnauzer.

In January 2014 Howie came with us to Europe and we knew, we can't let him go anywhere. We have the feeling like he was born here, like we know him from day one. He just moved in and ever since he has a big part in our hearts. He simply has the cowboy texan naughty temper - if I like something, I want it, girls girls girls, good food and legs up. Life is wonderful :)

Howie is pretty famous dog, he became TOP PRODUCER in 2012 in USA over all colors. It's a very prestige title, as he had most children with champion title that year and not many black minies are able to make that. He is amazing producer, giving his qualities strongly on, even over generation.

Thank you, Kim, for letting us enjoy Howie  in daily life. We love him! 


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